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Your Vision

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Read, write, share and touch the thoughts...

Join more than a million of happy users

It's such a journey that

set off with a book that suddenly appeared in front of you.

Entrust your loved ones with sentences at every stop.

Finding your way, others find you.


waiting to be discovered to touch other lives...



Are you ready to build new bridges with your favorite authors and your environment? It's time to take care of what we value. Take a look at the indescribably beautiful features that the arrow offers you.

Expanding Libraries

Oku was established with the aim of both reading and sharing books, and creating and storing special libraries of popular content, taking into account the need for people to communicate with each other.

You will experience the pleasure of reading and sharing while reading, together with your friends. With the simultaneous sharing, you will strengthen the bond between you and your books.

Easy to use

With OKU, you can create your own circle of friends, follow what they read, show them what you've read and make recommendations, like and save shared content, and make comments easily.


Oku works with a secure interface and services. It is designed so that even children can use it safely.

How the App Works


Add your favourite books

To read a book is to enter the inner world of the author and share his thoughts and feelings with him. If you think this interaction is meaningful and special, save your book, don't forget, let everyone in Oku know.



Note and share

Note on books and underlined sentences, clearly.Note taking builds the bridge of thought and love between you and the author. Oku offers you an advanced text editor, scanner, database access, a large photo archive that we can set as the background to visualize your notes. You can post your content with visual features whenever you want easily.

About Us
Tüm Eller

To not forget;

Let's keep in touch with OKU

We set out for social media where everyone can safely use and produce useful content. Our thought when we set out is to proceed in a straight way and to contribute to our own essence and perspective as we progress. We will continue to progress and gain new features until we get the best form of reading, thinking and sharing our thoughts.
"Each time period is important to us and cannot be lost.  Life is now such a speed that is , in a sense, destroys remembering and thinking. Enjoy slowing down, forging new bonds, bridging us by thinking together.We wish you an experience where you can remember your most precious asset and be happy once you set out on this journey."

Our Story



We always forgot the things we considered important in books. Sometimes we even forgot the incredible ones later. It is a very important step to keep what you read alive so that you don't forget it.

Zuhtu Hanedar

I won't have to cross out books and take notes anymore. Moreover, I will be able to share these notes with many people other than those who borrow the book from me.This is my perfect justification for using the Oku.

Gulsah Polat

Taking notes is now much easier with Oku, which offers a professional design and effective use.I didn't imagine that reading my notes again and again would be so easy and visual.

Halis Günal

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